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Plastows Old Time Saw Bench

Around about 1950 Charles Burrell commenced offering a simple bench for use with the portable engines, recently introduced in 1848. This saw bench was mainly designed for reducing tree trucks into planks, for building purposes; this laborious task having been previously carried out by hand.

It was a basic circular saw and table with a fence for controlling thickness. From the feet of the bench two parallel rails ran on which a wheeled support could be rolled. This support carried the end of the tree trunk as it was moved forwards towards the saw in the cutting operation. It is very pleasing to use one model on the rally field, but even more satisfying to use an engine to drive a machine carrying out useful work, especially as in case of the saw bench; then governors will be constantly working; lifting to admit more steam during the cut, and falling when running free. Of course the attendant varying beat of the exhaust being music to the ears of the steam man. Add to the the fact that the simply constructed bench will carry out relatively large continuous work; and it will be appreciated that the time spent in the making is well justified. We offer a drawing fully dimensioned or 4 1/2 in. scale plus the casting and sheet steel for the bench top.

Please note:- The saw bench of 1850 had no guards whatsoever; being before the factory acts were introduced. However, we do show details of a guard, which demands it for reasons of safety. The company BRIDPORT FOUNDRY LTD - PLASTOW TRACTION ENGINES naturally cannot take any responsibility for any accidents which might occur in conjunction with on the these saw benches.

Hints For Safe Use Of Your Saw Bench
Before use, secure your saw bench leg firmly to the ground; generally first to heavy timber, which is in turn pegged to the ground and being very satisfactory. A good quality canvas of leather belt should be used and the engine should be blocked in position with the brakes hard on. The engine regulator should be wide open with the governor in operation. Finally, although saw benches are easy enough to use if the proper care is taken, it always makes sense to wear protective goggles to protect the eyes.